For the enjoyment of the community, Applegate North has installed a Playground.

Animals and the Animal Control Laws

In no event shall any pet be permitted in any portion of the Common Elements unless carried or on a leash.  For complete details check your Community By-Laws.

Applegate North has provided dog waste stations around your community for your convince. Please use them and clean up after your pet.

If you have question not covered go to the Anne Arundel County website at

Architectural Guidelines

All changes to the appearance of your Town Home must be pre-approved.  This includes exact matches for windows and doors.  Complete and submit the Architectural Change Form prior to starting any projects.  Failure to have the project pre-approved may result in fines and/or having to redo the work.  The form can be found at under the Documents link on this website.  

Keep off the Grass

Vehicles are not allowed on the grass.  We have contracted a landscaping company to maintain the grounds.  If your vehicle damages any part of the grounds you will be responsible to the cost of the repairs.


You are required to have up-to-date home owner’s insurance on your property.

The Town Homes does have a master policy:

  • To obtain a copy of the Master Policy contact your property manager


Trash and Recycling in Applegate North is collected every Tuesday.
Trash and recycling should be placed curbside in approved containers no earlier than 6:00 PM Monday evening or early Tuesday morning for Tuesday’s trash pick-up. Trash may not be placed out for collection prior to Tuesday evening. Please keep these items in the rear of your property before scheduled collection times. Items placed out for collection at any other time are unsightly and can become a health hazard. All refuse containers and refuse/recycling not picked up by collections should be removed by the homeowner responsible for it by the evening of pickup.

Trash, trash containers, or recycling left out too early or after the scheduled pickup date. Could receive a fine. You can help by reporting violations of the above policies to Pinnacle Property Management at 410.760.4203 or For a Holiday Collection schedule, visit Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works.

Disposal of Yard Waste

Beginning January 1, 2017, Anne Arundel County will not longer accept yard waste in plastic bags.

Service Request 

If you would like to submit a service request.  Example:  Lights out, tree that needs trimming or other request email us at  Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a response.

This is not for emergencies.


The snow removal contractor does not begin plowing until the snow accumulation has reached three (3) inches.  They will plow the main drive lane, clear common sidewalks and apply salt only.  Also Applegate North has installed a couple signs at the end of the streets prohibiting the parking during a snow event. Your vehicle will be towed.

Water Emergency

If you suspect you have a water leaking coming in from your next door neighbor, Please go knock on the door to notify them. If they are not home or cannot get the water to stop, call your Property Manager Jeremy Shifflett.

  • Business hours are: M – F 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Call 410-760-4203 X 1008
  • After hours: Call the emergency line 443-867-7887

Please leave a detailed message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Important noteMake sure Pinnacle has all your current information, including your phone number, cell numbers and email address.  Also, please provide Pinnacle with an emergency contact with keys in case you cannot be reached. 

If you are the unit which is leaking water and you cannot be reached, Management has the right to make entry—by contacting a lock smith or the fire department—to shut the water off.